When it comes to financial products our advice is to always check the small print (The big print giveth, the small print taketh away!)

What happens if you have a complaint or legal issues to deal with? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled some useful links to help you complain about a company or financial product, and resources to get help and advice if you need it.

Complain about a phone/utility company

If you’re having problems with your gas or electricity supplier there’s one organisation that specialises in complaints against energy companies – Ofgem. They advise that you contact the supplier first with your complaint and if this isn’t resolved you should contact Ombudsman Services: Energy who will help you take your complaint further.

The same people help with phone companies on this section of their website Communications: Ombudsman. The Ombudsman can help with the complaints of individuals or small business owners.

Debt help and money worries

If you’re worried about money or debts you can get free and impartial online help using StepChange Debt Charity’s Debt Remedy advice tool.

Debt Remedy is a debt advisor that works out your options based on your budget. It’s free, easy to use, only takes about 20 minutes to complete and is completely confidential.

You can find out more about StepChange Debt Charity by visiting their website.

Money help and legal advice

Free and impartial debt and money advice can also be found at the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), you’ll usually have a local office and the advice they provide is on a face to face basis.

Your local CAB can also provide a wealth of advice on all sorts of subjects, this can include advice on housing or benefit related issues and they’ll try to help with some legal advice too.


For problems to do with housing you’d do well to contact Shelter, who are a registered charity that help people struggling with issues to do with their home.

Business debt advice

If you own a business and have run into some trouble the Business Debt Line is a great source of free and impartial advice and legal solutions.

General Money Advice

The Money Advice Service are Government funded and offer guidance on debt solutions and general budgeting and investment advice.


The Insolvency Service website contains some useful guides and also includes the forms you need if you intend to petition for bankruptcy (take free advice first).

Money and Mental Health

If you’ve got a mental health condition and you’re struggling with money the charity Mind can offer help and advice. If you’re feeling really desperate and need help with anything money related you can always speak to The Samaritans – whatever you’re going through, they’ll be pleased to help.

If you think there’s something here we’ve missed or needs updating, please contact the team here and we’ll look into it.