money saving hub looks at saving fuel
It can be handy to have a car, so you have the freedom to get around at your leisure. Cars can be expensive to run but there are plenty of ways to slash costs, and fuel is one area where you can really make great savings. Money Saving Hub reveals seven ways to cut your car fuel costs.

money saving hub easyjet plane
Wouldn’t you just love to leave all your cares behind, and jet off to an exotic land for a few days? Well now’s a great time to do it. As summer approaches Money Saving Hub is bringing you money saving tips for bagging cheap flights abroad…

If you’re planning to go on holiday this year, it’s wise to take out travel insurance, so you can enjoy a stress-free getaway safe in the knowledge that if something happens you’re covered. Travel insurance can add a lot to the cost of your holiday, so here’s a good guide how to approach it and save money on buying your travel insurance!

Money Saving Hub Vegan meal
Once upon time, there was this popular myth that being vegetarian also meant buying only organic or the type of mystical superfoods that would break the bank. But truth is that a vegetarian lifestyle can in fact be affordable, particularly because you’re cutting out meat – which can be expensive. Here are our money savings tips for creating a good affordable vegetarian diet.

money saving hub fish dish
We’re starting to care more about what we put into our bodies, because there’s just so much information now online about the benefits of healthy living. If you’re feeling the urge to get healthier there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t – with our help! Money Saving Hub brings you top tips for eating healthy on a budget.

If money is tight this year, but you still want to enjoy a break away, why not choose a ‘staycation?’  You don’t have to go abroad, there’s plenty of fun to have right here in the UK where you can have amazing getaways, often at a fraction of the price. Check out some of our top staycation picks.